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There is a distinction in the comedy world, among performers, as to whether or not a particular comedian is a "clean-comic." A good general rule is that if a comedian doesn't go out of his way to point out that he is "clean," then it is safe to assume that he is not only NOT-CLEAN, but usually he is filthy.

Personally, Marty places no judgment on comics that choose to use vulgarities as part of their routine. Some of Marty's inspirational comics were using the foulest of language. However, Marty doesn't use foul language in his material.

If you are researching Marty's comedy style in order to book an event (or to simply learn more about Marty!) then the following explanations should serve as a simple guide.


Christian Comedy

There is a growing popularity in the comedy world to bill oneself as a "Christian Comic" (if the belief in Christ is applicable of course), and in Marty's case that belief would be most applicable, but Marty chooses to bill himself as a Comedian that is a Christian.

Marty's faith has been a very real part of his life since age 16, and when performing a Christian Themed Show, Marty will incorporate his own experiences with how he became a Christian,  how he taught Christian Private School for eight years, and his current daily life struggles with maintaining his own spritual well-being in today's culture.

All Christian-Themed Shows will be rated G-Family Friendly if a rating system is being used. (Unless, of course, the particular church is sponsoring an event like a Marriage-Conference where adult-only humor could be appropriate if done correctly.)

Adult Profanity-Free Comedy

Marty has a belief that there is a huge void in the comedy world. His goal is to provide an alternative to the filthy comedy scene that is currently present. While maintaining a profanity-free environment, at this type show, Marty will explore topics that may not be suitable for all ages, and may use words that would require a fun and energetic explanation on the drive home if you were to bring your ten year old to these type shows.

Marty will never say anything on stage that will cause him to compromise his beliefs. Nor will he ever be ashamed to admit to his own children that he has said something. HOWEVER, Marty reserves the right to choose the time and place in which he gets to tell his children what he has said. (Meaning, some of Marty's material may be shared with his children when they turn 16 - or even 30!)

These shows usually carry a PG-13 rating if a rating system is being used, and Marty is fully willing to interview with a Pastor of a church or booker of an event and discuss exactly what can and cannot be said on stage during a show.

Family Friendly Comedy

Marty has a clear understanding of context, and a strong sensitivity to the nature of the event in which he is performing.

If the event is a family-friendly environment where there are children as young as six present, Marty's choice of material will be different from that material he would choose to perform at a Marriage Conference in front of all married couples with no children present.

While ALL of Marty's material is profanity-free, not all of it is suitable for children of all ages. If the venue or show has called for a family-friendly environment, Marty will deliver only material that is suitable for children of all ages to hear.

Marty's Guarantee

Marty is willing to discuss, at length, with anyone in charge of an event, what can and cannot be said on stage during a performance. Marty has enough material to do a full set whether he explores the more adult topics or not. Please don't let any of the above scare you away if you are looking for a squeeky clean show. Marty is completely willing to provide the type of show you desire, no matter the guidelines.

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