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This scene chronicles the original purchasing of Gus and Luke, Marty's wonderful Goldendoodles.

In order to understand the sit-com scene a little better here is a character synopsis.

written by Marty Simpson (see below)

Nickname for Marty's daughter Savannah. She is smart and sassy in a fun way.
Marty's son. A sweet, fun loving, smart, boy with a great sense of humor. Very cute and has dimples.

Marty's extremely wonderful wife. Very understanding of Marty's many flaws. Very capable of running the house. A dog lover.


Gus and Luke
The goldendoodles. Gus is named after Marty's favorite literary character (and by literary, we mean television mini-series,) Augustus McCrae from Lonesome Dove and Luke is named after the apostle, Luke . . . Skywalker.
They are brothers, but not litter-mates.



HTML Version of Exerpt of the Goldendoodles in the Sit-Com