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Marty's Full Bio

Marty was the very first High School USA-Today First Team All American football player in South Carolina's history. He went on full scholarship to the University of South Carolina. There, he majored in Theatre.

His third year as a varsity head coach, Marty would take his football team all the way to the State Championship in the fall, and then produce The Importance of Being Earnest that spring. (Marty wonders how many other coaches or drama teachers have ever done those two things in one school year besides him?)

Recently, Marty was featured on the soon to be released new show from The BET, called A Time to Laugh, hosted by Grammy award winner, Vickie Winans. Marty was able to hold his own with the veteran comics, as well as be featured in 5-8 sketches (depending on how they are finally edited together.) The show should air in late '09 or early 2010.

Marty Simpson's Bio Picture

Marty was a theatre, speech and drama major at the University of South Carolina. He graduated in 1995. Knowing that there would be no suitable career to achieve with this degree he also obtained a certificate to teach high school theatre. After teaching and coaching for nine years he started his own company, Blue-Eyed Panda . It wasn't long after going full-time in the corporate world that Marty knew something was missing from his life. When asked what he missed about coaching and teaching he would always respond quickly by saying, "I miss the getting nervous . . . I miss the rush."

It was six years into his professional career after teaching that he finally decided to pursue his life long dream of stand-up comedy. It is his goal to provide the city of Columbia with a clean alternative to the normally "blue-er" side of comedy. Currently there are not many comedy gigs in town and Marty feels like he could be the person to spearhead a burgeoning comedy scene in the Columbia area.

Football Career

Marty Simpson's Playing Days

See Video of Marty Simpson while playing for Spring Valley High School and for the University of South Carolina here .

While at Spring Valley, Marty set 3 State Records that stood for over 11 years. See video of his record 61 yard field goal at the above link.

In 1992, Marty was the leading scorer for the Gamecocks while maintaining a punting average of close to 40 yards. During that season Marty downed punts inside the 20 yard line on 20 different occasions. His 50 yard field goal versus East Carolina in a driving rain storm stood as the longest field goal made off the ground by a Gamecock until Ryan Succup's 55 yarder versus Tennessee.

Coaching Career

While Ben Lippen School in Columbia, South Carolina had Marty as its head coach, the team did quite well. Teams under Marty made it to the play-offs on four different occasions. Prior to Marty becoming the head coach at Ben Lippen, the team had never scored any points versus Hammond, nor had the team had a winning record. Marty's teams won at least 7 games in three consecutive seasons, including wins versus Hammond, Heathwood, Wilson Hall, Orangeburg Prep, and Cardinal Newman.

From 1997, until 2001, Marty's teams played 20 teams in SCISA that were not based in Columbia and weren't Porter-Guad. Versus these 20 opponents, Marty had a 19-1 record, only losing to Wilson Hall in 2000 when the Barons went 12-1. To our knowledge, the 1999 Wilson Hall game is still the last home game that Wilson Hall has lost. His teams defeated Hammond 3 times, Heathwood 4 times (once three weeks before Heathwood won the state championship), Cardinal Newman 3 times, and Wilson Hall 3 times.

Until 2002, Porter Guad was the only school to defeat Ben Lippen in the month of November. However, they did it three years in a row. Simpson's teams never were able to defeat Porter-Guad. They were unsuccessful 7 times over a span of 4 seasons. Porter-Guad defeated BL in the State Championship game in 1998, 24-14, and then the next season twice. The scores of the two 1999 games were 29-28, and 24-20. It is safe to say, that Simpson regards Porter-Guad as his "white-whale." Occassionally, Simpson can be seen wandering in the streets mumbling things like, "find Dodds," or "where is Dodds?"

To see video of Marty's P.E. Trick Shots click here. Check out to see video of one of Marty's former players.

Professional Career

Marty is a multi-media specialist with expertise in software titles including: Macromedia Flash, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Adobe's Full Creative Suite, including Illustrator, InDesign, and of course, Photoshop. Marty produced his first athletic highlight film in 1988 while still in high school and has been producing videos ever since.

His first website development project was the original Ben Lippen Athletic website in 1998. Ten years later, he has developed some of the most dynamic websites for companies all over the country. Complex database driven applications with thousands of lines of code requiring complicated user-friendly interfaces are what he enjoys working on most.

Marty is the President, Creative Director and Lead Programmer for the company. The demise of the operation will ultimately be his fault. We wish him the best!