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What Others Are Saying

What Others are Saying

Marty with the Reeps

The Bat Story will be his comic legacy. Marty's stories were so brilliant that I made my mom and dad bring my 15-year-old son from two hours away to see him perform.

Jon Reep - Last Comic Standing Winner

Marty was a huge help in making our Valentine’s Dinner event a great success! I don’t know how often you hear professionalism and comedian in the same sentence but his willingness and ability to deliver a show perfectly suited to our crowd, and the continuous roar of laughter clearly demonstrated he is a professional of the highest caliber. Given the opportunity, everyone involved in planning our event would not hesitate to recommend Marty to any other church group needing a good laugh … or any other group for that matter.

Ron Hoppe - Lake Norman Baptist Church
Lake Norman, North Carolina

Marty was such a huge success for our Comedy Cafe fundraising event. Marty had the crowd laughing and through their laughter Marty was able to convey our story and the needs of at-risk teens. Marty helped us raise more money in one event than we ever have in our 40 year history; more importantly he assisted us in presenting a program that still has people buzzing.

Eric Gillis, Executive Director, Rome Area Youth for Christ

I met Marty when he performed at CPA (Christ Presbyterian Academy) Dad's Comedy Night in Nashville, Tennessee. Marty is get down stupid funny! My wife and I laughed until we had tears running down our cheeks several times while watching him. It seems everywhere you turn comedians think they have to be vulgar to be funny. I love how powerfully Marty proves that nonsense wrong! When you’re funny you make people laugh by simply sharing every day stories that people relate to. If you haven’t seen Marty, GO SEE HIM!

John R Browning III
TriFocus Consulting Group


Marty recently did our “After Christmas End-of-First-Semester” school faculty and staff party. I had never met Marty, nor had I ever heard him do his routine. I had only read a short “essay” he had written for a local news agency. After meeting him for just a few minutes, one of my event coordinators asked, “Is he going to be funny?” I told him, “If his routine is anywhere near as funny as the conversation we have had for the last few minutes, we are going to love him.” He did not disappoint from the first moment to the last.

Teachers, just like any profession, need an opportunity to relax, let their hair down and enjoy a good laugh. Marty gave us even more than that! My faculty and staff are still talking about him on our campus weeks after the event. His experiences as a teacher and coach, a college football player, a dad, and otherwise, are portrayed wonderfully and are well-suited for any audience. And, it cannot be stressed enough that he was able to perform for an hour with hilarious material that would be appropriate in language and content for any audience. And it did not feel like an hour, at all!

I wholeheartedly recommend Marty to be a part of any organizational event. You will not regret even one minute of the time that you spend with him. He is great! His performance exceeded my hopes and expectations, and I am sure that it will exceed yours, as well.

Dennis McDaniel (Principal, McBee High School - McBee, South Carolina)


Marty was absolutely hilarious and a fantastic performer! I'm a big fan of stand-up comedy, but Marty easily surpasses the best of what I've seen in New York City and beyond.

Shannon O'Neil (Judge in the Clean Comedy Challenge 2011 that Marty participated in.)
Shannon's Website


I haven't laughed that hard since I saw Brian Regan for the first time.
(Said after seeing Marty perform in Anaheim, California.)

Thor Ramsey (from Thou Shalt Laugh and Bananas)



God bless you Marty. On behalf of Pastor and Bishop Haynes and the Last Day Family, we would like to say that we thank you and Ashley for coming out and helping us make this event so special and memorable for our Women of God. We could not stop laughing! We pray God’s speed and blessing upon you and your family. Thank you again. We can’t wait for more fellowship. Send Ashley and the kids our love.

Lacresha Simpson
Last Day Healing, Spartanburg, South Carolina

Marty has a great command of the stage and himself. His routine about coaching is relatable to all audiences. Marty is not just a crowd pleaser but he pleases me too.

Joby Saad (from Comedy Central and Thou Shalt Laugh)
The Village Idiot


We (Covert Homes) recently hired Marty to entertain a few hundred kids for us at our church camp, Salkahatchie. His stuff was hilarious!! These kids were laughing nonstop for an hour and a half. His goofy style of clean comedy is refreshing and our camp kids said it was the best entertainment we’ve ever had for them!!

John Covert
Owner Covert Homes
Director of 2010 Bythewood Salkahatchie


Recently after a show for 1,100 Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts in Camden, South Carolina, Jonathan waited patiently to tell Marty something.

That something was,

"I think you are funnier than Dayne Coooook."  ***

Therefore, Jonathan Parsons is the #1 Fan!!

Jonathan Parsons, Boy Scouts of America, Columbia, SC

***(We spelled the name incorrectly on purpose, so when the person that uses that name in real life googles themselves they won't find this page and watch the video clips and then steal the material.)

Marty knows how to make high school students laugh.  He also knows how to play it off when they don't laugh at his jokes, which is a big plus.  I appreciated Marty's ability to mix humor and his own personal experiences to encourage students to follow God.  There is a line that entertainers who are Christians can cross where they become cheesy and "religious."  Marty is no where near that line, I love it!

Ryan Meredith
RUSH Ministries Pastor

Marty performed for our client appreciation dinner. It was so refreshing to have fun, clean humor that everyone could enjoy.  Marty sheds new light on our everyday occurrences from children to friendships, marriage to neighbors, and sometimes even the animal kingdom.  He allowed us to see life more on the lighter side at least for a few minutes.  His Gamecock humor was a real crowd pleaser! We will definitely make him a part of our annual tradition.

Stephanie Y. Vokral
Columbia, South Carolina

carrie_david.jpgMarty is not just funny looking. His jokes are pretty darn funny too! I met Marty a couple years ago and haven’t stopped laughing since. I was so excited when he decided to put together the comedy shows. The Garden Bistro shows are my favorite. Good food and Great laughs! Who could ask for more?

Marty works extremely hard to put together these comedy nights, and it definitely shows. He is a one-of-a-kind sort of fellow, and a great asset to Columbia!

Keep us laughing Marty!

Carrie David, Front End Audio, Columbia, SC


Hello, this is Comedian Cleatis Allen. Just wanted to stop by and say that Marty is one of the most talented comics that I know. He is incredibly creative, and he always knows what to say (and not say) around black people (LOL.) Marty's style of comedy is like no other...over and beyond hilarious. Not only is he a great comic but a great all around person...(OK, I said it Marty, now fix my website back!) [ * ]

Cleatis Allen

* Marty's company designs and develops websites (

Marty is a comic's comic.  He's naturally funny.  His performance exudes confidence and ease.  He has a tremendous respect for the craft, and he is committed to providing Columbia with a healthy comedy alternative.  Marty also paid me to write this.

Mike Goodwin

marty_straight.jpgOne of my favorite things to do in Columbia, is to go down to the Garden Bistro where there is stand up comedy and great food! Marty Simpson and Friends always put on a wonderful night of laughter and fun for everyone! There's never a dull moment with Marty Simpson and his stand-up. The variety of jokes keeps everyone laughing and coming back for more.

I have seen his act at least four times and it was really different each time!

Alison Trotter, Columbia, SC

marty_straight.jpgMy husband and I really enjoyed going to Comedy Night in the Vista at The Garden Bistro. Marty was very funny, without having to be crass or vulgar....Profanity Free Comedy is a great way to go! We felt comfortable bringing our teenager and his friends. We recommend Marty's comedy acts to anyone and everyone!

The food at the Garden Bistro was fabulous. It was a very enjoyable experience. More importantly though, literally everyone dining there that night seemed to be having a really good time, mostly because of Marty!

Stephanie Griggs Bridgers, Columbia, SC